Nasdaq gets into security tokens | Mapping out Ethereum's Open Finance | Coinbase's Adam White joins Bakkt

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“We've still got a long way to go, there's a lot of issues in some of these spot exchanges, a lack of transparency, a lot of conflict of interest, a lack of systems and systems safeguards, and that's a concern. But you know, like all things, it takes time to mature, and with the movement of more institutional investors into the space, I think we'll see that [maturation]."Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman CFTC

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U.S. exchange operator Nasdaq could gatecrash the crypto market with a new platform, according to people familiar with the situation. 

The firm, which is best-known for bringing technology companies such as Facebook and Tesla to market, is exploring a security token platform, the people said. Such platforms provide a way for firms to issue a token, which trades on a blockchain, as a way to raise funds. Security token offerings (STOs), unlike some initial coin offerings (ICOs), aim to fit into the parameters of existing U.S. securities law.

Since last year, the ICO market exploded in popularity with billions of dollars raised across hundreds of projects. The market, which is known for its fair share of fraud and big dreams, has helped some startups raise millions in seconds, drawing scrutiny from regulators such as the SEC.

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