Mapping out the Security Token Ecosystem | Volumes on crypto exchanges soar | Bitcoin Cash hard fork activates, splitting the chain in two

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“A reminder, hash competitions are a marathon, not a sprint. Never look at victory too soon....” — Craig Wright, Chief Scientist nChain

The Big Block

As security tokens and tokenized assets gain steam in the crypto ecosystem, clear infrastructure begins to form. As we previously covered in our Block by Block series on security tokens, these new instruments aim to tokenize the ownership of all assets, whether they are public and private equities, real estate, or precious metals — even things like art. Investors are clearly taking notice as they pump millions of dollars into projects that support the issuance, exchange, and custody of security tokens.

We have categorized the security ecosystem into six sub-categories: (1) Issuance (2) Broker-Dealers  (3) Custody & Trust  (4) Legal (5) Compliance and (6) Trading

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