Ian Balina: A shadow of a made man | Facebook acquires its first blockchain startup | Shares for crypto exchange Circle are being offered at a massive discount

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“I think just like the internet changed how we transfer information, blockchain technology is going to change how we transfer assets.” — Jonathan Johnson, President Medici Ventures

The Big Block

At the height of the 2017 ICO mania, Ian Balina was one of the biggest influencers in the ICO universe. Balina had catapulted himself into the pantheon of spokespeople whose support and endorsement meant the difference between a coin’s success and failure — and tens of millions of dollars were at stake. During his rise as an ICO influencer, Balina amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and his ‘Mastermind’ Telegram group. He reportedly made over $5 million after starting with just $37,000.

However, after the market tanked and Balina lost his whole portfolio in an April 2018 hack, he found himself in a difficult position. As a result, he began to look for sponsorship deals that would help him return to his perch. 

The Block has gained possession of one of Balina’s proposals from this period, included below, that include significant financial payments to Balina as well as an unusual and highly questionable token listing clause. As part of the sponsorship deal with one large exchange, Balina requested that “all Ian Balina Projects [be] available on their exchange for trading.” This clause would have violated the exchange’s own listing policies and the exchange rejected the partnership, according to a source.

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