How South Korea’s second-largest bank shook up the crypto market | Ripple's changing narrative around the creation of $XRP | Ohio set to accept bitcoin for tax bills

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“I think some crypto asset (and possibly a number of crypto assets) will have a price chart like Amazon’s current one in 18 years. But we will have to do what Amazon did, hunker down and build value and survive, for quite a while to get there. And I think things will get worse before they get better.” — Fred Wilson, Partner Union Square Ventures

The Big Block

The last year has been a watershed for South Korea’s crypto market as the nation’s giant conglomerates from finance, technology, and telecom have come to dominate the sector. The presence of the behemoths has led to big changes in how business is conducted on the exchanges and also ushered in an era of government regulation. But while that sounds like upheaval, in South Korea it’s more like business as usual and the result is a nation poised to be a global leader in crypto. But how did it all come together?

In South Korea, chaebols — conglomerates operated by wealthy, powerful families — control a large part of the country’s economy. Samsung is perhaps the most familiar example of a corporation run by a family, but with a global presence. 

But while Samsung is the best known, it’s hardly the only business giant in South Korea. And several of the others have been making noise in digital currencies over the past 12 months. Among the entrants in the crypto market: SKT, the country’s largest telecommunications company; Nexon/NXC, a $10 billion gaming giant; Hyundai, the global car manufacturer; LG, Samsung’s big rival in electronics; and Shinhan Bank, a major commercial financial institution. The end result is that as of November, all top five cryptocurrency trading platforms in the local market are controlled by conglomerates.

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Ripple’s changing narrative around the creation of $XRP

$XRP is currently the second largest cryptocurrency with a $14.2 billion market cap as of 10am ET today. As a result, its provenance and development are closely watched by those both inside and outside of the crypto ecosystem. During the current downturn in crypto market prices, $XRP has been the best-performing large cap (> $500 million) cryptocurrency with a 30-day return of -23.9% and a 90-day return of +5.8% as of the time of writing. — More

We got our hands on an investor update for Telegram’s blockchain project, and can confirm Russian reports that say its 70% done

Investors earlier this year received an update on one of the hottest projects in the cryptocurrency space — and it could mean it’s close to being finished. 

Telegram, the messaging-app operator which raised more than a billion dollars in a token sale to build out its own blockchain, released a status update on the development of TON (Telegram Open Network) in September. It was previously reported by Russian media, but the circular itself was never published. According to the document, many aspects of the project are more than 90% complete.  — More

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