eToro recent listing looks like a security | The Big Four are on a hiring spree | ICOs and exchanges still dominate Ethereum smart contracts

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The Big Block

eToro on Monday announced that it would list Binance’s BNB token, bringing the total number of cryptos available on the brokerage’s platform to 13.

Holders of BNB, the native token of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, can use the token to trade at a discount on the exchange. It’s one of the few cryptos that’s seen its price increase since the beginning of the year, as per CoinMarketCap data. At last check, it was trading at $9.38 per token, up from $8.60 in January. Binance issued BNB through an initial coin offering, a process similar to an initial public offering. The firm raised $15 million from the sale. 

The addition of BNB to eToro’s platform came as a surprise to some market observers who say some aspects of its design resemble a security. Regulatory agencies, like the SEC in the U.S. or the FSA in the UK, typically have authority of the buying and selling of securities.

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