Ethereum sidechain solution SKALE Labs releases DevNet | ASIC chip technology is renewable energy’s future

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The Big Block

SKALE Labs Inc today announced the launch of SKALE DevNet, a production quality sidechain test network that will act as a secure, developer friendly testing environment leading up to the SKALE Mainnet launch in Q3 2019.

Following the launch, developers at this week’s ETHDenver Hackathon will be able to run Ethereum dApps on the SKALE DevNet in a fully integrated manner with Ethereum and other related Web3 infrastructure and tooling. DevNet is available upon acceptance into SKALE’s Innovator Program, and the SKALE team will be sponsoring four prizes for developers choosing to leverage their platform during the hackathon.

With SKALE, any dApp developer familiar with Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud can seamlessly access fast, secure, and cost-effective smart contract execution. SKALE also provides easy to understand documentation and plug-and-play code snippets to help developers build applications rapidly. As a testament to the power of SKALE, the team has built out an S-Chain-based rock-paper-scissors demo, with moves settling in a matter of microseconds.

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ASIC chip technology is renewable energy’s future

As renewable forms of energy production see major efficiency gains, there’s a growing question of what to do when a solar array or windmill produces more power than is immediately needed. Storing the energy in the grid or in batteries can be costly, inefficient, or impossible, so it’s commonplace to simply cut off energy production—a practice known as “curtailment.”

By installing chips known as “ASICs,” the renewable energy industry may be able to use this “excess” energy as an additional revenue source by using it to secure the Bitcoin network, which would convert the electricity to money at market value in a process called “mining.” — More

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