Dharma raises $7 million to decentralize a fast-growing corner of the crypto market | A startup is launching a solution that protects users from exchange hacks

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The Big Block

A San Francisco startup wants to decentralize one of the fastest growing corners of the crypto market.

Dharma, the company behind the open-source blockchain of the same name, has raised $7 million to build out a decentralized lending platform for large investors and traders in crypto.

The firm announced its Series A fundraise, led by Green Visor Capital, in a press release on Tuesday. Other investors include Polychain Capital, Passport Capital, Y Combinator, and Coinbase Ventures. Much of the capital raised will be used to build Lever, a platform that will facilitate peer-to-peer crypto lending, the firm’s marketing head Max Bronstein said. Lending has been a red-hot area of growth in the dwindling market for digital currencies.

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Around The Block

A startup is launching a solution that protects users from exchange hacks

Bitcoin was launched with the premise of disintermediating the financial system. Yet here we are ten years later and centralized exchanges are still holding large amounts of cryptocurrencies on users’ behalf. Coinbase has approximately $5 billion worth of cryptocurrency under management – 5% of all bitcoin, 8% of all ethereum, and 25% of all litecoin in circulation.

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Blockchain transaction history has not traditionally been easily searchable, requiring specialised block explorer software. With Google’s Blockchain ETL, users can make generalized searches. Day says he hopes his tools will be educational, teaching users for what and by whom blockchain is used. — More

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