Coinbase shuts down index fund & adds ZRX | Bitfinex suspends deposits | Regulated stablecoins are hitting unregulated exchanges

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Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange operator, is shutting down its index-fund as it shifts attention to a new retail offering, a person familiar with the situation told The Block.

The poster-child of the cryptocurrency market in the U.S., Coinbase in March announced its aspirations to launch a market-value-weighted index fund to offer accredited investors and institutions exposure to the digital currencies trading on its exchange.

A person familiar with the matter said the index fund product failed to attract the necessary number of clients, raising less funds than the firm expected. At the time of launch, however, an executive at the firm told Bloomberg News that the company was “seeing strong demand from institutional and high-net-worth individuals.” The number of index providers has grown in 2018, despite the cryptocurrency market’s shrinking size. Other players in the index market include Bitwise Asset Management, Abra, and Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital. The shutting of the Coinbase fund could be an indication that the appetite for exposure to the crypto market is less than it was earlier this year.

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