Coinbase revamps listing policy. Are new coins coming?

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Coinbase has revamped its listing policy, and it may mean new coins are coming to certain regions

Coinbase, the US cryptocurrency exchange operator, announced Tuesday a major revamp of its policy for listing new coins, and it could mean more cryptos will list on its markets. 

The San Francisco-based firm traditionally has listed coins that fit the firm’s own internal standards and don’t conflict with US securities law, according to a blog-post penned by the exchange-operator. Now, the firm will list coins in certain regions irrespective of US regulation. In an interview with The Block, Coinbase’s chief technology officer Balaji Srinivasan described the move as key to more quickly listing additional coins and becoming a more globally-oriented company. 

“We think crypto is global, and we look at it from a global perspective,” Srinivasan said in a phone interview. “We have operations in literally dozens of countries and our goal now is to be compliant with the law at a local level.”

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