Block by Block: Supply Chain | Galaxy Digital spikes 23% after Novogratz increases his stake in the floundering crypto firm | Fred Wilson says crypto markets are near bottom

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"If anything, the calming of the hype and frenzy helps us because there are fewer distractions and it’s a better time to keep on building. There’s a lot left to do, but this year has very much exceeded my expectations with the speed of growth and adoption.” — Elizabeth Stark, CEO Lightning Labs

The Big Block

One of the more popular applications of blockchain technology is for the supply chain. In a recent Deloitte survey of 1,000 executives, 53% of respondents stated that their companies are working on “blockchain use cases” for supply chains.

And it is not hard to see why. Many companies are currently struggling to gain visibility and capture data on the movement of their goods throughout their supply chains. These issues paired with the ongoing concern of disease outbreaks associated with poor supply chain management and the estimated $12B market for supply chain management software has attracted investors and entrepreneurs to fix the supply chain with blockchain technology.

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Around The Block

Galaxy Digital spikes 23% after Novogratz increases his stake in the floundering crypto firm

Mike Novogratz upped his stake in Galaxy Digital, the crypto merchant bank the former Wall Street trader founded last year. 

The hedge fund trader-turned-crypto enthusiast acquired 7.5 million shares of the company, representing 2.7% of issued and outstanding stock or $5 million, according to a news release out January 2. As such, Novogratz’s stake in the company, which began trading in 2018, stands just shy of 80%. — More

Fred Wilson says crypto markets are near bottom, will “slowly enter a new bullish phase”

2018 turned out to be a hellish year for cryptocurrencies, as more than $500 billion in market cap disappeared from over 2,000 cryptocurrencies throughout the year. However, Union Square Ventures co-founder and veteran crypto investor Fred Wilson says good things are on the horizon in his annual prediction for the upcoming year. — More

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