An interview with the man behind the scenes of the Bitcoin Cash debate | ConsenSys is reexamining once prominent Token Foundry | Bitcoin's volatility is forcing traders to shakeup their strategy

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“They [Roger Ver and Jihan Wu] want to change the Bitcoin Protocol to make it support their wormhole tokens. This will ruin Bitcoin but they think it will benefit themselves somehow. This is extremely self-centered but also wrong. Wormhole cannot actually work so it’s needlessly reckless.” — Calvin Ayre, founder CoinGeek, on why prominent BCH supporters are supporting Bitcoin ABC

The Big Block

Calvin Ayre built the online gambling empire Bodog in the early 2000’s, which eventually had 16 million customers and made him a billionaire. Shortly after the U.S. enacted legislation regulating online gambling in 2006, several high-profile online gambling executives were arrested. But Bodog, still headed by Ayre, was virtually untouchable because it had no presence in the U.S. and he was a Canadian citizen with no assets in America. Ayre soon sold Bodog’s online gambling business and retired from the industry. He was eventually indicted in 2012 by the U.S. Attorney for Maryland for offering gambling services to U.S. customers between 2006 and 2012 but federal prosecutors dropped all the felony charges in 2017 after Ayre pled guilty to a single misdemeanor charge.

Ayre has since moved to Antigua and Barbuda, an island-nation in the Caribbean, where he holds citizenship and advises the country on developments in cryptocurrency. He operates the Calvin Ayre Foundation, focusing on child welfare, education, and social development. But Ayre is also a prominent bitcoin cash supporter who runs the largest mining pool, CoinGeek, which controlled nearly 42% of Bitcoin Cash’s hash rate over the last 24 hours (in the past hour, that figure fell to 40.3%). CoinGeek also runs one of the two prominent news sites that openly support bitcoin cash. On November 15, two days from today, Bitcoin Cash will undergo a hard fork, which will likely result in two different chains, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. Ayre’s CoinGeek has officially endorsed Bitcoin Cash SV opposing giants and Bitmain in the process. In this exclusive interview with The Block, Calvin Ayre explains his reasoning.

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ConsenSys is reexamining once prominent Token Foundry after Civil unrest and the exit of its CEO

Count this as another casualty of the 2018 crypto bear market.

ConsenSys, the massive cryptocurrency venture studio led by Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, is looking to breathe new life into a floundering project, according to people familiar with the situation. Token Foundry, which provides a platform to help bring new tokens to market, has been struggling in recent months as the bear market grips companies tied to the once sanguine days of 2017. Token Foundry had been one of ConsenSys’ most prominent projects with dozens of staffers at its peak. — More

Bitcoin’s volatility is hitting its lowest level in two years, and it is forcing traders to shakeup their strategy

High-frequency trading firms (HFT) are shaking up their approach to the crypto market as volatility hits a two-year low.

In 2017 — the year that brought bitcoin close to $20,000 — cryptocurrency markets were known for their spine-tingling volatility. That kept out many money managers and investors, but it precipitated the entrance of a number of trading firms into the market. Volatility was the clear motivator for such firms. But 2018 has ushered in a new regime of low volumes and low volatility that is putting pressure on HFTs to act differently. — More

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